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  • dperk ·
    Hey Jonny, saw you post about a nearly new Magnaflow for sale. Could you please send me details on that if you still have it? Thanks!
    JimiNitro ·
    Hey Johnny, Thanks for your response ! Just wanted to also say that running this 87 octane I am getting 15.4 L/100 Km or 15 MPG and I'm not really driving like a maniac. Does this seem very low or about right for city driving ? I am wondering if the 87- 89 octane makes that much of a difference ? Thanks
    eggsandbacon ·
    sorry for the delay. i had the car flashed and was told that itll turn the limp mode off, which it did. i then drove it for about 35 miles or more and went to the deli for a minute and came back to limp mode problems. i was a block away from home so i parked it and its been for about 5 days limping with P 0520, which is a new code... i reflashed it to get it out of limp mode and got a new code...
    Binns ·
    so jonny
    u have tons of knowledge
    i got a "ready remote" remote starter and keyless entry
    i now know i need a bypass but dont want a key left in the car
    casey.cunnane ·
    Do you still have your stock R/T exhaust? Would it be possible to ship it, if so, any idea of how much that would cost? I am in South Jersey, which IS driving distance but it would probably be a GOOD 2-3 hour ride. Let me know man, any info would def. be appreciated. You can e-mail me as well, [email protected] Thanks man..
    turbodust ·
    hey jonny some help please.1st time here and i cant seem to find a thread? that has some one actually there,i haven't done anything like this i missin; something?
    Deep Blue RT ·
    hey do you have any pics of the front of your car cuase i was thinking about going color match and honey comb with mine and would like to see how it looks thx
    festus ·
    Jonny , Hi there this is Festus. I just want to let you know that I am very grateful for all of the help you have givien us. By Putting the car raffle on the forum. I am just giving you an update on the raffle. We will not get to the 300 tickets but if we sell 10 more we will have enough with some of our savings to pay it off so at least we will not loose it to repo. and my husband Craig and I want to thank you again. JUST 10 MORE TICKETS !!!!! I will let you know when and where the ticket will be drawn. Festus
    wolfe41111 ·
    I was reading about the 'hub nut' recall and saw your post on bad tires. Were they recalled too? Taking mine in this week for the new nuts.
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