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  • drspennetta ·
    Inferno Girl...I may be wrong, but don't you have a Danko chin spoiler? If so, can you email me a pic. (I have a black rear spoiler, black hoodscoop and black grill on an inferno 08). I have the black daytona chin spoiler but just purchased the Danko. Now I have to decide if I want to match the inferno or the black. Email is [email protected]
    BrianG ·
    Hope you guys can make the Indy meet and greet on 4/25 you havent posted in a bit just making sure you all will b there ..wot
    RedHot R/T ·
    Here's what I sent to 409alky...

    Linda and I thought we'd come up with a name and logo for a local LX club. We have decided upon INKYLX for Indiana Kentucky LX. It was going to be EvvLX but, we thought INKY would be seen as a bit more inclusive. If you are interested, you are welcome to "join". I use quotes around join because we're just getting started so, we don't have much of anything "official". You can also use the logo in your sig if you would like. I'm hoping to generate more interest once the cruise-in season gets going and we can use the group to coordinate Meet & Greets and road trips and such.

    Let me know if you're interested. Here's the logo...


    ps. - I'm pretty sure we'll be heading over to Owensboro for a cruise-in at the mall on Saturday. You're welcome to convoy with us.
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