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  • Challenger Lover ·
    LOL... too much yelling, and singing NICE! :D
    I dont even know what testament looks like anymore, I was too busy getting a Priest hoodie and beer. I love those shirts that says Lemmy for President... haha
    Motorhead is play with the Misfits and another band, but as it stands now IM not going, I have to see about the money flow as the show grows near.
    Challenger Lover ·
    Testament leans now a days to that death metal growling which I hate, Motorhead was great, H&H was amazing. They both did drum solo's which kicked ass. Priest was awesome. Each bands stage set up was really cool. I love Dio and Halfords voice. The shirts are kinda high, of course I had to buy the hooded sweat shirt for $60.00 big ones. The beer was $8.00. Priest opened with a new song, after that they did alot of songs they havent played in YEARS. Thank god they left out Living after midnight, I hate that song. LOL Get there nice and eary and have fun, I wish I was going again.
    HemiMotorhead ·
    The Pittsburgh show is this coming Saturday. I'm psyched! So how were the other bands? The Priest set list I've seen posted online looks pretty awesome.
    Challenger Lover ·
    Hey, how did you like the show? I loved it, and I cant believe Priest played some songs they havent done in years. One of my favorites is "Eat me alive", I was freaking out.
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