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  • Matt400 ·
    Ok.. I just noticed your link at the top of the forum so didn't realize I could ask the closer why the closing, but now after asking publicly I see I am not suppose to ask publicly in addition shouldn't question it privately either.
    Had I known the rules about "no political" I would have already known so sorry for that.
    MoPower ·
    I have tried to contact you and hemeee many times and even started a thread...can't find it now...via PM 6 times with no success, how do I get ahold of an admin for some help?
    joecu08 ·
    Can you look at the thread for my car in the cars for sales section, I would like to get it cleaned up from the person who was price policing.
    MoPower ·
    I have tried to contact you and hemeee via PM with no success, how do I get ahold of an admin for some help?
    ekool ·
    This is not the place for your question. However, this forum is free :) So we offer no other benefits for your membership fee other then what we claim to offer. If you choose not to join, you still have full access to all the information and help resources we have to offer. This is a free forum and will always remain that way.
    aiko1968 ·
    Your words; "However, for $24.89 a year, $2.07 a month, $0.07 a day, you can help support this site and get access to many upgraded perks."

    My question. The money isn't an issue at all. The perks you speak of. I have one post listing my mods and model, check it out. What can you offer me that the free forums cannot? With all due respect and no offense intended of course. I need a really good forum and the ones I belong to either don't know, wants to charge you hundreds of dollars for custom tunes or won't reply at all.

    So what are we talking about here before I join up?

    DemonSpeed ·
    Honestly, I think you're so right. I've certainly missed it. It was such a passion for me for about 15 years and it's a shame to throw away a God-given talent by not using it. I may just surprise you guys and post an artist/drawing thread. :D
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