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  • Phanta5m ·
    Hello Clarice... the baby should be here on 8 Jan 09... date keeps changing but that one should be good to go. Happy Holidays and hope your move goes smoothly:D
    DerekBlk06RT ·
    me no post in here often enough....

    new band for you, of course you probably know then already

    Five Finger Death Punch, been listening to them since the summer, they are finally starting to get airtime in my area with "stranger than fiction" and "never enough"
    Not quit in survival mode since gas went down, but having a no sprinkler or grass in the back yard kind of sucks. I get depress everytime I look out there.
    Congrads on your new job. As for me, things are coming together, just a bit slow. I finally graduated in May and am busy catching up on neglected projects around the house. Got a few done, but ran out of money. Story of my life.....not enough money.
    I should rephrase that. When I said Chat room, I meant the Chat lounge. My bad.
    that's what happens when I try to multi task.
    AfGuest ·
    Hi beautiful! It's 2:20 A.M here in Ca. I just wanted to let you know your one of the few persons that really sticks out in my life, it's kind of crazy. I had too many drinks tonight but I believe I still know what I'm talking about. It's pretty ****en crazy to me how someone on-line (someone I never met) can have an impact on me, this is the first time this happens. Call me crazy but I feel like I actually know you. Thank you for listening to all my bull**** about life. I really consider you someone special. On-line or not! Te quiero amiga!
    ChargerChick ·
    Yeah, I had a great time hanging out with Matt and helping with the installs and met some really nice people up near Jacksonville. Went down south and got to see Heidi!! Hung out with some of the S. Florida crew for one of their GTG's. I also was able to see my dad while we stayed at my brother's house. It just went by way too fast! :)
    bpd1151 ·
    Haha U goof, I can't help but think your silence on my question posted in your "heavy metal" thread isn't an accident now is it? Things that make you go hhhhmmmmmm.
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