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  • TopBanana107 ·
    When isn't Heidi on vacation?!? LOL

    Nice that you guys are friends and visit each other! Tell her I say hi whenever you talk to her again! Thanks.

    Old crew coming back to CF or what? LOL It was a blast from CF's past right there...quite amusing!
    TopBanana107 ·
    Yoo Hoo!!! What is it with all the old CF gang posting yesterday??? You, thumper07, ChargeRonDavins, and a coupla others...was quite good to see the old crew popping in! I pop in every now and again...moreso lately just to follow a few threads and peeps but nothing like it used to be! All we're missing now is a hiDes sighting!!! LOL
    Phanta5m ·
    :alfdance::banana_hitit: :jawdrop::nopity::eusa_dance: :reddevil::icon_lol::icon_aetsch: :redcap::silly::willy_nilly: :banhim::bangin::dunno: :eek:hyeah::smilielol5: :boink::drink4::icon_razz:
    arfur ·
    I won't go into detail, but even when hungry, there are a few things that make me feel like I'm suddenly FULL!

    Shelly did not go with me as it was a work trip. She would have had a real nightmare with some of the food, as she is a Veggie (I've prolly told you that a billion times :)). I saw loads of great things as well as tragedy, dead bodies at the side of the road tend to put a dampener on things, but the driving standard in China is appalling.

    Well I hope the weathers hold out for your nipper (or ankle biter ;)). Pun was horrid - 2/10 - SEE ME!

    You shouldn't let me infuance you - I'm not all there and should be listened to/viewed with caution! Hey - speaking of relationships (which we weren't..) did anybody on CF ever hitch up with you? I know you had some admirers!

    Education is good. I wish you every success. I just wish more of the population of this planet had such a high regard for edumacation!

    Huga back at ya and I'll try and be more annoying here... :) X
    arfur ·
    You are still as mad as a box of frogs!!! :D Trust me, the Chinese you get to enjoy in the West bears little resemblance to the Chinese in Mongolia.... Or even the more rural parts of China. Man - I ate some bizarre stuff last trip!!! We were disappointed that Cowboys folded when playing the Giants - but never mind - we might be back!

    You moving to Dallas! Good for you. Hope the studies are going/went well.

    No plans for a return trip to the US at the moment. I was supposed to be in Columbus, OH for a few days this year, but the economic climate stopped that.... Oh well.....

    I have missed you as well! Especially seeing as how 'normal' you are.... ;)
    arfur ·
    Course I am my dear!!! The benefits of chinese food appear to be to 'clean out the system'..... No plan to move back as yet, but never say never! Go Cowboys! Only problem is, the only time that SWMBO and I went to a match, NY Giants killed them..... :/
    arfur ·
    I have been busy eating Chinese food and generally bumming around!! Like the new Avatar!!! Will soon be moving abroad again - but not to the US!!!!! :)
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