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  • Anguish ·
    Sorry, didn't notice the notification of this. Yeah, I bought the 125 from him. I'm happy, certainly. It's loud but I've had no complaints from anyone. My wife and I drove four hours to LX & Beyond this year with it and no complaint from her. Then 7.5 hours from there to a cottage up north. Again, no complaint about drone. Finally, her and my sister for 5 hours home, with my sister sleeping the whole time.

    In MDS it's a bit... farty. Can't say I like it. But outside of MDS it's totally bad-ass.
    FLEX ·
    Honestly it sounded totally badass. Sounded better than my SRT does right now, in fact. If you're considering that system, don't even hesitate. It looks great and sounds awesome. I got LOTS of compliments from total strangers. Also, Anguish from the forums bought my Borla before the car went back to the dealer. PM him too and ask him how he likes it. I have a feeling he does. ;-)
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