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  • Kenneth Matthews ·
    Thanks for the advice Ddaddy that was a while ago and it worked but I'm having another problem now. about 2 months ago mt ECT light started coming on and off and here recently its been staying on and this morning I went out to started it and it wont say nothing battery is not dead its like a sensor is not getting the signal from the ignition switch. I'm not a certified mechanic but very mechanically inclined so most work on my car I do myself just need help with the troubleshooting part lol
    zoomzoom1 ·
    Hey Ddaddy, Just to let you know I saw the howdy you gave me on the supercharger thread. Just saying hey back. Its been an interesting year last year and not verynice..but Ive had a good time with my cars for sure. Hope you are doing well..Ralph Emery
    Kenneth Matthews ·
    I changed my valve cover gasket on my 2008 Charger (2.7 L V6) today and has to remove my ETC to get to one of the bolts for my valve cover, I forgot to disconnect the battery before starting the job (brain fart) lol and when I put everything back together and started the car the ETC light on the dash is blinking and the engine rpm wont go pass 1500 and sometimes not at all. I have disconnected battery terminal and tried a TB reset procedure I read on here but neither has worked.
    any advice
    CONAN ·
    After doing some research online. I'm thinking maybe I should leave it alone. Torque lockup is a good thing, right? It's happening sooner, probably due to the tune I have in there..
    cuda ·
    OK. Even though we posted some colorization pics earlier, I just didn't know if I should just take it upon myself to post stuff like that on your thread, seeing that it hasn't got anything to do with muscle machines. Thanks Dave, I will post it over there.
    cuda ·
    Figured instead of posting these types of pics on your photoshop thread, I would just share it with you. My most recent go at colorizing. This is a picture of me taken back in 1958 that I colorized. This was by far the toughest one that I've attempted, but turned out pretty decent.
    Bubaluphagus ·
    Hey Bud,
    I just read through a thread about Tranny servicing. I bought my SRT used with 50k miles on it. I'm going to put it in for it's 60k service soon. Should I stick with just a fluid/filter change based on not knowing if the 30k service was done on it? Is 65k mileage too high to do a flush? I bought QB fluids from Brian because I dearly love this car and want to take care of it. Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated!!!

    JFotography ·
    Hi Ddaddy

    I have a Tire and rim question for you. I have found the set of rims I would like to purchase but I dont totally get the offset sizing could be Im over tired from 2 feet of snow this week.
    The rim size is as follows. Would these work for a 2007 charger SE. Also what is the width of tire for a 9" rim. I was thinking 255/40/20 for tires. Correct me if I'm wrong. thanks
    20X9 5X115 5.375backspacing 10mm offset
    LBOOGEY76 ·

    I'm new to the whole forum thing so I want to apologize in advance if i am displaying poor forum etiquette by sending you this message. I've been reading alot of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to pretty much anything Dodge Hemi or mopar related. I just had some questions, Performance Mods in particular, for you if that is ok. Thanks
    Ddaddy ·
    Hi Frank,

    PM me and we can discuss what I might be able to do for you regarding the pic you are thinking about.

    Notyme ·
    Hi There,

    One of the guys on this forum suggested I contact you for the possibility of you making a signature pic or full size pic with my car.

    Frank :)
    Ddaddy ·
    You should try posting in the BND sub-section of the Forum. You will get dozens of testimonies. :)

    Yes, for me it is definintely worth the money. Great performance and protection. Is it "required"? No, but neither is washing and waxing the paint or buying top-end tires. It's all about what you want, and I want more for my car than just what is "required". ;).
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