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  • bigworm7969 ·
    hey Charlie, long time no talk buddy, I was just going through some old posts and they had me laughing, man I use to have a good time on here..... let me know how you been, I am going to try and come on more..... is this site still the same as it was a couple years ago? I havnt been on in along time....
    Challenger Lover ·
    I dont know if I got it, it might have went to spam. Mail me again and this time in the subject title write Charlie then I know this is you. ;)
    Challenger Lover ·
    Hi Charlie, I miss you bunches. xox
    Just came on here to look for some info and I seen you wrote something on my wall. IM done with the attitudes here and the new "law enforcement" its amazing how people change with a little authority.
    Do you have facebook so we can keep in touch? If not here's my email addy use it!!
    [email protected]
    Thanks for the check up bro. :bigthumb: Yeah, I am still kicking. I had some changes in my job since Jan, so I am no longer in the office. I work in the field now. I also have fewer days off now (still getting pay the same). I am just glad that I still have a job.

    Are you going to Spring fest in Irvine in March? I hope to see you guys there.
    MGM ·
    Good Morning Sir:
    Hadn't heard much out of you lately and just checking to see if you are still kicking

    bigworm7969 ·
    hey charlie... buddy.......

    how you been man??? stuff got alittle hectic but i am BACK !!!!!! how is metgo?? hows the site been???
    pizzo11b42id ·
    hey wutsup charlie my names mike i'm a new member and have som questions for you if u could answers them. i have a 2007 srt8 charger. i have kuhmo ecsta asx tires a k&n cai and a magnaflow exhaust. i ordered a jet 180 t-stat and will be purchasing heders shortly after. my 1st question to you is, w/ the combination of mods i have, what would be the best brand headers to get? after that, i plan to get a super charger. i have no clue what type to get and what ever other modifications i will need to get prior to the super charger being installed so it doesnt end up breaking something. whew. thats a lot. thanks charlie.
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