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    I read over this and reliezed my phone sucks at typing lol sorry about all the mess ups. so im looking at an engine swap after my deployment to so im excited as hell.
    nowing this i will try to make trips up there when ever. just the drive and gas is not fun lol. yuma to phoenix is the closet but its still roughly 2 hours away
    hey thnx for the welcom charger love hows phoenix with the charger yuma's pavement isnt to good on the tires. thinking bout visiting phoenix. should get all the chargers together for a drive.
    BIKERinBLACK77 ·
    ChargerChickkkk!!!! I'm planning on moving to Phoenix soon! I want to become a police officer in the city of Phoenix or somewhere in the surrounding area.

    I'll deff. have to get some info from you sometime about living there, and the Charger scene!
    jonsinphoenix ·
    I got the MVD to reduce the MSRP on mine to 31820. The dealer had entered it as 38880. I am getting $120 back from them too! You should check your reg for the list price chick
    jonsinphoenix ·
    Hi there, what is the list price on your registration slip. Seems the MVD will try to fleece everyone for as much as they can get away with.
    Hemi Addict ·
    Hi Chris! Been a long time since I've gotten back to this site. Ya look good! Wish I could make it to SF this year, miss seein everybody.
    arfur ·
    I thought your efforts in the past keeping this rabble in order were great! :p

    You mean this place doesn't see as much aggro when I am not about.... ;)

    arfur ·
    OK - email is good!!! Hope it is all good news though.... :)

    Nice to see you are still about these parts - hope you're keeping thes hooligans in line....... ;)
    arfur ·
    Hey Chris!!!! How's married life? Any nippers yet?!?! I a going out to work in Saudi (unaccompanied :() but it is all forthe good of man!!! Am hoping to be able to say HI! more!! :):)
    arfur ·
    All is very well!!!! Shelly and I have our first house and I am leavig the Country (again.....). :)
    mmaloy ·
    Hey Lady!! I'm fine, family's fine. Work.........not so much.

    Hope you're well hon. Call me when you get a chance.


    Mikey XOXOX
    PlumCrazy1008 ·
    Hi Chris, Congratulations to the Cardinals for a great season and a great game. They might not have won, but in my mind, that is a team of champions in their own right.
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