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  • NutMutt ·
    Ha! My driving range is/was also from NYC to northern VA (Alexandria). I use to work for the The Washington Post newspaper for 4 years and born/raised in NYC. But my sister been down in VA a good 20 years, so still feels/felt like a second home.

    DaBlackPearl ·
    That very well could be...I saw it as maybe he pulled those fuses/relays himself and made into a challenge to the forum members to see if they can figure it out. My thing was if his brother knew he had to be at work...would he pulll something like this and not come back in time to get the car running so that brother could go to work. Second...why does brother have key to his car? No one in my family has a key to my car but one is hidden at the house just in case I need to have them gain access to it.
    I'm curious to see if he ever comes back to say anything.

    Have a good day,

    DaBlackPearl ·
    Yea....I knew something wasn't right. Ya know when you get a gut feeling about something? He got alot of people here all fired up...I was just watching and reading until it started to stink and that was when I said something.

    Thank you for the info. :bigthumb:
    Phanta5m ·
    everything is going good and thanx for asking. the baby may be here 3 weeks early, so probably the 1st week of Jan, she will be born... how are you doin?
    HemiMotorhead ·
    Hi Ya CL, I went to the Motorhead show Thurs. in Baltimore. Fantatstic show! The Ram's Head is a great venue. The way they lay the 3 levels out you're pretty much hangin' near the stage with great lines of sight. The Misfits left the tour earlier in the month. They were replaced by ASG. They were great. My son went down and bought their CD & that's what we listened to on the ride home. Year Long Disaster were also very good. I'll be picking up their CD in the near future. I didn't like Valiant Thor at all. They were on right before Motorhead and were a buzz kill after the other 2 opening bands. Although, VT is probably the hairiest band on the planet. LOL. Motorhead, as always, were fantastic. A club is definitely the place to see MH. The vibe was great. Ken
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