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  1. exhaust questions

    V6 Specific Discussion
    The longer the quieter, 18" would be the longest that would work. They sound nearly the same as their mufflers. I would use a 2 1/2" and not a 2 1/4". If you left the resonator on and only changed the muffler I do not think you'll get drone.
  2. Successful "Tuna Boat" Mod complete!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    What month was your 06 built? I see yours had the thin edge tips which will have the straight thru front suitcase, thus the drone.
  3. Blastin Bob exhaust help

    V6 Specific Discussion
    2.5" offset inlet offset outlet
  4. 2012 srt8

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
  5. Blastin Bob MF-V6-Y

    V6 Specific Discussion
    You can see if high888 can answer questions about the sound.
  6. 225ssr-v6-y
    You're welcome. My vendor support will expire before then and I'm not going to renew, not to worry the website will still be there. Bob
  7. 225ssr-v6-y
    The spot where it need to be cut is easy to get to with a hacksaw. DIY no problem on a Charger. They take me about 15 minutes or less. Bob
  8. Mandrel Bends on Blastin Bob Setup! Is It Worth The Extra $45?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    On the 6 the advantage will be very slight, if any. The two press bent pipes divide from one single pipe, so your single 2 1/2 , or 2 1/4" depending on the size of your six, would have to have over twice the volume of two 2 1/4" press bent pipes to be beneficial, but there is no doubt that...
  9. Muffler shop said they have a muffler "the same" as Flowmaster 40

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    You may be okay but the longer tips are going to add to the sound. It shouldn't drone too bad.
  10. 7db 250X4 in stock!!
    I received a small amount of 4" resonated tips for the 7db 5.7L kits. There will not be another shipment until next year, so don't wait if you wait them before x-mas. Bob
  11. Muffler shop said they have a muffler "the same" as Flowmaster 40

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Here's the scoop. Flowmaster 40's are no longer patent protected. The copies are coming out of China and Mexico, not plain boxed flowmasters. The China stuff is everywhere and the ones you see the big name performance catalogs. These are lighter in weight, meaning thinner material, then the...
  12. Mandrel kits are now available
    FYI, for those who are not aware. All my exhaust kits, V-6 & V-8, are now available with mandrel bends. Just check out the website Blastin'
  13. E-cutouts installation

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I use a plasma cutter.
  14. exhaust setup

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Correct, if there was a mandrel in the core when it was bent to an "S" shape it would not collapse. I believe that a mandrel would get pretty beat up since magnaflow perforations go from end to end in the core and the stock suitcase has perforations only in the center part of the core...
  15. exhaust setup

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Your stock Charger muffler has a straight thru 2 1/2" perforated core just like a magnaflow only better because it doesn't lose size through the core like magnaflows do, when they bend that perforated core the tubing collapses on the outer part of the bend shrinking the size in the bend. To...