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  • znzy1234 ·
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    dmrowe ·
    I don't check in for a couple of years and find that one of my favorite Brit's has flown the coop! Last I checked you were on your way to becoming a naturalized TEXAN and now I see you are on your way to Saudi Arabia! My best wishes to you my friend, still driving my Red '06 R/T and smoking the tires. Be good and watch out for the Mutaween, in Texas you would just get hit with the New Testiment, these guys will beat with the Quaran and a swager stick!
    arfur ·
    Al''s OK over here! Still chillaxing and waiting for my orders. Seriously - there's no way I would have a cat in h3lls chance of keeping you in order! :):)
    arfur ·
    Well - I yet again failed to get here as often as I would have liked. Must make more of an effort! Hope you are all well!!!

    (p.s. Chris - I couldn't keep you in line!!!!!!) :)
    DemonSpeed ·
    BTW, the weather is horrid. We're supposed to get hit with 12 inches of snow and tomorrow's high temp will be.....9° F! BRRRRRRR! See why I want to move?

    Nippers????? LMFAO!
    DemonSpeed ·
    Eck, I can only imagine what you're talking about in terms of food. I've got a sensitive stomach, so I don't venture into unknown territory. LOL No, you never mentioned Shelly was a vegetarian. I may go that route soon.

    Sorry to hear of the horrid conditions you've run into. Death is never to be taken lightly. :no: At least you're expanding your mind and going places. I've been invited to visit my family near Amsterdam and I am so looking forward to it. My cousin wants me to move there. :D

    Eh, influence you did, but so did Eric/Mecha and some of my other friends in TX. Before the crash of the economy, the technology companies were a good bet, and they will be again. We'll see what happens after graduation. I've got a 4.0 GPA. :), I don't want to hook up with anyone from here or anywhere else. I'm too busy with school and my daughter to even think about that. There's time. LOL Edumacation is all I need.....for now. Please do be more annoying around here. :biggrinjester:
    DemonSpeed ·
    Oh, you sassy Brit! :D I think I'd fear eating the mysterious things you described. I have a sensitive stomach. LOL Did Shelly enjoy the food? I bet you saw some wonderful things in your travels. :)

    As for the Cowboys, I'm glad to see they won the last game. Now, on to tackle the Raiders. Pun, intended. :D As for moving, yes, you influenced that decision a long time ago. My daughter has a health condition, which the warmer climate will help immensely.

    Yes, I'm back in school, and thank you. It's important to me. I won't move until after graduation. I'm attending one of the top colleges in the state. Excellent school and an accelerated track so you graduate sooner. It's due to this disastrous economic state that prompted me to further my education and pursue another degree. I totally get where you stand on the travel being put aside for now. It's not wise for anyone to splurge.

    Hugs to you and Shelly and don't be a stranger. ;)
    DemonSpeed ·
    LOL Ah, yes.....Chinese is the ticket for the colon. :D I love cashew chicken, myself. ;) As for the Cowboys, they need to step up their game. Green Bay just beat them last Sunday. :(

    Go Cowboys!!!! :D

    Also, you should be proud; it was you and Mecha who convinced me to move to Dallas (after graduation, of course). Then, I can see as many home games as I want. Now, get yer arse back across the Pond; we miss you. :D
    ChargerChick ·
    Oh've been gone so long and so much has happened in my life this past couple years. I'm gonna have to get your email to explain it all! :)
    ChargerChick ·
    Mark!! So glad to hear from you and that you and Shelly are doing well! I wish you came around here more often!!! Where are you going now? Back to the states I hope! Hugs to ya!!!
    DemonSpeed ·
    OMFG!'re still here!! LOL Really good to hear from you. :) Glad you're enjoying the benefits of Chinese food and traveling. :D Aw, wish you were moving back here, darn it. Don't be a stranger.

    Glad you like the avatar...the Cowboys have been my team for 20 years. ;)
    4DEATER ·
    Doing very well. Where have ya been buddy? Been quite a while since I've seen ya on here. Hope things are going well with you.
    mighty noid ·
    Hey buddy... I am doing ok over here on this side of the pond... I hope that you and the girlfriend are doing outstanding.... plus it is not tequila anymore... it is Grey Goose and Cranberry.... :) :) Maybe you should fly over in March for Spring Festival in 2010!! :)
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