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  • Gary RT Mopar ·
    Thanks for the add. I hope all is well with every Moparian. MOPAR or NO car!
    I drive a 2006 Dodge Charger RT
    Dream car is a '68 Charger RT all black no chrome.
    NsbCharger ·
    Hi Thanks for the add. Im not sure how I put a plus sign in front of my Screen name but was wondering if you could delete it
    71GTX ·
    You can delete my account. Tired of seeing people get bombarded with BND and his scare tactics. Most of which I have proved are half truths and information he stole from the internet.

    I am sure his payments are the justification for his continuing in the regular forum.
    Iymap Hoxchi ·
    Hi there...I have 2007 charger 3.5 and I am suffering from high fuel consumption recently... If I through the catalizers away...will it solve my problem...plz advise.
    craig661 ·
    hi, i have a 2007 charger and i replaced the spark plugs and the # 6 coil the other day, everything was fine. i went out a few hours later to leave and when i went to start it nothing, but the headlights work and some of the dash lights work, none of the warning lights work on the dash, like the check engine light ect.... the is no power besides what i mentioned, any ideas?
    BrightSilverHEMI ·
    May i please change my forum name to BrilliantBlackSRT8 ? I changed vehicles a couple months ago and just now got to asking for the change lol. Thanks in advance!
    R/T MUSCLE ·
    Hahaha. ChargerForums an attack site? Please see this topic in "Off Topic" Please advise with why this happened.
    Thank you R/T MUSCLE Big John
    Venomm ·
    I would like to change my username from Ven0mm to have consistancy between all forums i am a member of. I cannot locate any posts by username "Venomm", and would like to take this name over if I could.

    SRT109 ·
    In your recent post (10/5/10 - 10:37 am), New Record Set ..., you indicate that the car was a daily driver. Are the engine modifications CARB approved? I am looking to make some of the same changes, but have been informed by others that some of the mods made are not CARB approved. I look forward to your further information. Thanks! SRT109
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