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  • MXS67454 ·
    Brian, We conversed briefly in a thread about gear whine with the ZF230mm LSD in my Scat. I would like to try the gear lube you spoke of.. what is your preferred method for me to make this purchase ? Paul.
    FlyersHockey ·

    Just got the ACES IV sample in the mail today. Will give it a try next fill-up and will let you know. Thank you so much.

    Great Kyle!

    Fill the tank, treat with 3.5 oz. of ACES IV. Only treat the fuel you add after. Use Emergency Funnel from trunk under the spare tire cover so activate the pins for the easy fill gas cap or you will pour all the ACES IV onto the tire. Go through the entire 1 liter and keep me informed. Any questions email or call.

    370 HEMI ·
    Thank You Furiousfive! Really enjoyed the discussion about your cars and your husband's cars. Glad you enjoyed the materials we make! Always happy to hear when people enjoy our designed products. You can email us with any future orders or feel free to call us directly. Have a great weekend!:beerchug:

    BND Automotive LLC:driving:
    furiousfive ·
    Brian, Your Vinyl, Plastic, Leather and Rubber Protector is nothing short of a miracle!! I assumed that the product would be good from the reviews on the forum, but in reality it is the best product I have ever used. It just saved me hundreds of dollars I was about to spend on new rubber for my 2006 Magnum. It not only got rid of the oxidation, it made the stiff rubber soft and new looking again. I should have got the gallon!! I simply cannot wait to get your other products for my vehicles!
    xkm121 ·
    Hi Brian. I sent you a PM regarding ordering of oil. Please let me know when you can give me a quote! Ray
    furiousfive ·
    Good morning, I am interested in purchasing your vinyl protector product. I have ugly window molding and an interior in dire straights (former police vehicle) and I read several posts that your products are amazing.
    iamstubb ·
    Hi Brian, I don't know if you have had a chance to look at my latest UOA but I had posted a question for you there. Let me know when you get a peek. It was about the oil composition. I also wanted to see what you think about the interval and how it held up.

    Wolf4485 ·
    Hi Brian, I am looking into getting Aces IV and seeing my options for QB fluids and pricing. I have a 2014 Charger SXT, 8 speed trans. The only mods i have are a CAI. I use the car as my daily driver/ cruiser. Any info would be appreciated. I have been meaning to get a hold of you sooner after reading a lot of your posts and others testimonials, i have just been very busy with work and such.
    tgbraley ·
    Hey Brian!
    I've sent 2 PMs requesting you to give me a call when you can....I can only assume they did not reach you.
    I need a refill on the QB oil. Don't ship anything till you talk to me; I have a new address and card to put it on.

    ram man ·
    man thanks for the info can I leave the wrong oil in till my next oil change or should I change it asap with the right 5w-20 oil? its my first oil change on the rt.
    Black-N-Tan ·
    Hey Brian,

    I sent you an email about my brother interested in trying your quantum blue. for his 2010 Taurus SHO (running an "unleashed" tune). I didn't get a response back via email and was wondering if this isn't a vehicle you have a product for. Thanks!
    Bluegrass Lady ·
    Brian, Dodge put my Q/B oil and filter in this morning and my car is running great! I passed out your cards to all. They were glad I told them about Q/B . They also put my air bag in yesterday. Thanks again for awesome customer service.
    Bubaluphagus ·
    Hey Brian, I know you told me already, but I completely spaced how much Aces IV I'm supposed to put in at each fill up. The label says 1 oz for diesel fuel, so I got confused (not a rare occurence). I just want to confirm the amount so I don't do anything stupid.
    Bubaluphagus ·
    I greatly appreciate the information you gave on my recent post. I was wondering about getting some information on the Quantum Blue products you mentioned (shipping time and cost etc.). I use my 2007 SRT-8 Charger as a daily driver in Washington State. I romp on the gas more than I probably should, but I don't race it.
    Any information you could give would be of great assistance!!!

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