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Talking Supercharging a 5.7: It's real, it works, it exists!

Ok I usually don't start too many threads, but upon the events of this evening, I feel nothing short of compelled to voice my opinion.

As some of you may have seen, there was a thread going around about a forum member who said that he had installed a ProCharger kit on a 2007 Daytona, so naturally my thoughts were intrigued. I finally ended up contacting the guy (initially just to ask questions, as any of us would) but noticed his location in his profile. Turns out his shop is about 20 minutes from my house, so Ive been playing phone-tag with him to set up a good time to come by his shop and check it out. His name is John, forum name: Johnparts.

So I finally decided today would be the day, so I contacted fellow forum member and Hemi enthusiast Steve (aka HemiPowered5700) and we made a field trip out to see this beast.... and let me tell you, its nothing short of that title (probably something more fierce, but for lack of better words, "beast") will suffice for now).

Upon showing up to the shop, I was impressed with the work they do. A vast array of different cars, ranging from street-beast Mustangs to all out 8-second track cars getting roll cages installed. But there, in a slight glimpse, the glowing Sublime paint caught my eye in the back of the garage, so we made our way over to check it out.

The system itself is impressive. The intercooler is huge and takes up the section behind the grill quite nicely (and it looks so mean). Essentially, the grill of your car becomes a honeycomb cover for the intercooler, as it spans almost the whole gap of the grill. As far as the head unit goes.... that thing is much bigger in real life than it looks in pictures, but man does it fit like a glove. Everything fits real nice, just as John described.

Ok, now I will venture to explain what I was told about how it works and why there are no worries, but Im not exactly super-engine-savvy, but Ill do my best:

As far as your internals go, John and Jeff assured me there really isnt too much to worry about, assuming youve just done a supercharger and other standard mods like headers and catback. Internals really arent anything to worry about at a power rating like this. If you go considerably higher from where you're at with this system, then you would want to look into a better bottom end. I then asked about half shafts. John said as long as the car is pretty much used as a street car (and this one is), half shafts are not a problem either. Half shafts become a problem if you intend to put drag slicks on and take it to the track all the time, so I guess depending on what you want to use this for, half shafts would be an option. Lastly, I asked about the trans. As many others have stated and John only further confirmed, these cars have Mercedes transmissions in them and they are good for somewhere in the ball park of 700 hp, so they are simply not an issue either.

I then inquired about the tuning system. As some of you may have seen, the ProCharger is offered by alot of people with a tuning system called the UniChip. From what I can tell, and this is me talking (and my views dont reflect John's shop in any way), but the UniChip system in short is complete garbage. It just doesnt work well with this car. John's shop went out and talked to DiabloSport to attain the proper tuning software for our cars, which they now have. The software they have purchased, along with a diablo unit, allow for complete and individual parameter control over every/any setting in the engine.

Furthermore, they have replaced the injectors in the car. If I remember correctly, I believe they went with 60 lb. injectors, but if I find that the number was different on those, Ill be sure to edit immediately. Furthermore, they swapped the fuel pump in the car as well. Apparently, our stock pumps only push something like 45% power, so one that pushes 65% power was added to assist in appropriate fuel supply. They repeatedly stated that the car is running perfect. Not too lean, not too rich, and consistently powerful, and they even offered to hook it up to the machine to show us the diagnostics of the car to further show that it is running absolutely fine.

Now, for the all important numbers. The car, as it sits now, still has the UniChip software on it because they havent gotten around to tuning in the Diablo stuff yet. However, the car WAS dynoed as it sits now, which has little or no tuning. It dynoed at 412rwhp. Yes that's right, 412.... without proper tuning just yet. He told me they had done a ProCharger on a Mustang before that was making 320 rwhp prior to tuning, and afterwards, it was in the neighborhood of 380 rwhp. He didnt want to venture to promise that same increase in this car, but he explained that they are definitely expecting to see AT LEAST 450 RWHP! I'll say it again.... 450 RWHP!

Upon inspection and complete run-down of the car, I only had one question left..... Can we go for a ride? Puhleeeease?! The answer was obviously yes. As some of you may know, the Midwest was just nailed pretty hard with snow a few days ago, so the streets were still pretty wet, but I didnt drive out there just to look at the thing...... cmon now!

Btw, they also installed SLP Long-tubes and an SLP LM1 cat-back, and boy does this thing sound mean. They fired it up and that Supercharger just started singing. Not as loud as I thought it was gonna be. I saw that youtube video of a guy with the same ProCharger headunit on his Camaro and that thing was super-loud, almost annoying. With the hood closed on this beast, it sounded just right. Loud enough to know massive amounts of power are lurking under the hood, but quiet enough to be a daily driver.

The 3 of us, me Steve and John, got in the car and John took it around a few industrial blocks. Mother of God does thing make power. The car just fights and struggles for traction. I was highly impressed with the power, but disappointed in traction, but like I said, the streets out here are super wet. Plus, once this thing is tuned right, it should be even more of a beast.... something Im struggling to imagine. Now mind you, I have the same exact car. So going from mine to this is the ideal comparison for someone considering a supercharger. BELIEVE ME! It's everything and more. Plus, the exhaust tone of the SLP LT's and cat-back were pretty impressive as well, and I havent typically been an SLP fan by any means, but this car sure changed my opinion.

I regret forgetting to bring a camera, but John told me he posted a few pics on the forums, so I took the liberty of searching for the thread. Check post #4 out in this thread. It's not the best pic and doesn't do the beauty of the system justice, but you get the idea. Hopefully he can snap a few more and post up when he has time:

After taking a few runs and seeing how it pulled so hard (mind you, with 3 people in the car), we brought it back to the shop. Lastly, I asked about reliability. John and Jeff told us that the owner of the car just beats the hell out of it.... like crazy style. And this is coming from performance shop owners. They say he drives the thing super hard. They put the supercharger on at 11,000 miles and the car currently has almost 17,000 on it. The guy does alot of driving all around, and considerable amounts of highway at that, and he's averaging somewhere in the vicinity of 19mpg. I found this hard to believe since Im only averaging about 15mpg "un-supercharged," but I dont do alot of highway driving either. John stated that the increase in mpgs could easily be related to the fact that the car is simply running more efficiently now with the fuel set-up.

So, in short, the owner has put a few thousand miles on the car, and even without the Diablo tuning software, it is still running, and running very well to boot. It can only get better from here with the addition of proper tuning, but the trip to this shop today easily convinced me that my car can stand up to a supercharger without a problem. If anyone wants the same experience I had, feel free to contact John and stop by their shop to see the beast. Just tell him Pat from the forums sent ya!

Hopefully, I repeated everything accurately here as I understood it. John is a working guy so I dont expect him to sit here and field questions all day, but Im hoping he'll gladly chime in to answer all your guys' technical questions. However, if you really want answers now, just give the man a call and talk to him on the phone, he knows his stuff.


***In a pathetic attempt to retain my dignity, I ripped MY back tires on the way out of the lot from his shop and got my ride sideways on the street, just to try and feel good about the car I got back into..... But obviously, it just wasn't the same, and Steve agreed. Time to start saving up!

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Hemi 06
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thats really a good write up..i just wish i had the money to throw a super charger into my car. Are they looking for a donor to try out another system

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hopefully diablosport will help em figure out the perfect tune =)

good luck
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Sounds like you had a great time! Its nice to know that our cars can take on such a mod without ripping it apart. Can't wait to hear from you once its tuned up!
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There is always something to be saving for....the mod virus never relents. Great post and write up. When better tuning becomes available then you will see a LOT more of these things lurking on the streets. Will be a good day when that happens imo. I will look forward to hearing your story about your newly supercharged Sublime when that day comes along too
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Yeah guys, Pats not kidding...I was actually scared driving in the back seat of this was one of the fastest cars I have ever been in, and one day I promise everyone, I will own this same setup.

The guys at the shop are all awesome, and I never felt just nice talking stuff out with real gearheads.

This will be my performance shop from here on out.

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Shooting for 12s...

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i have a question

What is the different in a ATI pro charger an GSM supercharger i have a 6.1 srt8 charger
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Have yet to read this thread but, I LOVE the title already.

D a n a

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration!

Thomas Alva Edison

Damn, I love my Charger!

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Hey everybody! Just want to follow up a little bit. THanks for all the nice comments bout the write-up! I just couldnt pass up an opportunity on seeing this monster and then not come here to talk about it!

To answer some questions and comments....

First off, as far as price goes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that its not as bad of a dent as I thought it would be to get this done. Granted, for full capabilities to be felt, it was recommended that I do long-tube headers, but I was planning for that myself anyway. SO thats added costs on top of the bill. However, like I said, price isnt THAT bad. Its still expensive dont get me wrong, but its alot more in my reach than I thought it would be. Just not sure how long it will take me to save up! However, I will leave it up to John and his shop to disclose pricing for the unit and install as that is simply not up to me.

As far as the comment about the Diablosport software.... its no longer a matter of them figuring out a tune, simply because all cars are different. John's shop has invested in really expensive software to tune the car themselves. They take their work seriously, and in order to tune them properly, they need the right tools. Obviously, they plan to do alot of work on these Hemis, and the route they chose, in my eyes, was the best way to go about it.

Vagabond: I cannot wait to provide you and everyone else with my own story of supercharging my own ride... because if Im this excited over someone else's car, imagine what its gonna be like when I do it! Picture-palooza baby!

Like HemiPowered said, I too have found my local performance shop where I will definitely be going to for all my products and installs, assuming I cant do them myself.

Gamova: As far as your question goes, I cannot answer that, simply because I dont know enough about GSM's setup. However, I know some people have had much success installing GSM's setup on the SRTs. Not really sure whats different, so this question is out of my realm, sorry.

WickedCharger: To answer your question, as far as I understood, the larger injectors added were not part of the kit shipped from ProCharger. They were added in by the shop, just like the fuel pump. I dont know the details of how the fuel system has been set up, hopefully John can chime in and give a much better, detailed breakdown of how they did it.... but I assure you its working just fine! Basically, they took the unit-only kit and did alot of other stuff on their own, I know that much, but I leave it to him to disclose the details.

Dana: Read the dang thread already! The title only says so much! Hahahaha, enjoy!

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Pat, I still can't believe how much faster that damn thing was...and its only going to get faster!!! Christ...I don't care about my final tomorrow, this made my day, week, month, etc.

Thankx for letting me come along, and tell your bro to go buy that stuff for his c6!!!

Goodnight all...big test tomorrow.
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