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Did you know that...

I thought we should start a thread (maybe make it a Sticky someday) where everyone could post their little tips and tricks that we all learn about the Charger as we go.

You may already know at least some of these, but I think hopefully there's something new here for everyone. Here are some starter tips I've discovered, or read about here in the Forum:
  • If you push IN gently (along the length of the shaft) on the turn signal/wiper lever, you can get the wipers to swipe JUST ONCE (without using washer fluid) in light misty driving conditions. ("One ping, and one ping ONLY, Vasily!")
  • Did you know there's a recessed "handle" to use for closing the trunk lid? It's just to the right (pass. side) of the latch... very handy for keeping those grimy mitts off that shiny paint job. Thanks to my wife for finding this! The trunk latches with very little effort, too -- so take it easy when closing!
  • If you actuate the turn-signal lever either way and let go quickly without pushing it far enough to latch into the detented position for signaling, the signals will flash three times and stop. Great for those Interstate lane changes...
  • See that little knob/shaft sticking out of the fuel level dial? Pressing it in momentarily will cycle the odometer display between Total miles/Trip A/Trip B displays. If you DON'T have the EVIC option, the display cycle includes the outside temperature, too. If either of the Trip odo's are currently displayed and this knob is held in for a second or two, that Trip odo will be reset to 0.0 mi.
  • Inside of the center console lid are places that can hold one of those "travel" packs of Kleenex, a "stick type" tire guage, and a pen (at least that's what I think they can be used for). Maybe you can think up other uses, too...
  • You probably know by now that the high-beam headlights are switched on by pushing the turn-signal lever towards the dash until it latches, but did you know when in low-beam position, if you PULL the lever TOWARDS you you can activate the high-beams momentarily, until you let go? Great for telling that poke-a$$ in front that you're about to blow his doors off. (Also, by pulling back on the lever, it does not turn off the fog lamps. A quick way to get MAXIMUM light ahead. Otherwise, pushing the lever forward to "lock" the high beams on will turn the fog lamps off. {joescat})
  • If you have the EVIC option in your car, you can activate the "diagnostics" mode by holding both the COMPASS and MUSIC NOTE buttons down together for 6 seconds anytime the key is in the ON position (engine running/car moving or even engine off). Cycle through the series of various displays (such as a COOL large-font digital speedo) using the up/down arrow switch on the left of the steering wheel. It's a great way to keep tabs on how the car is operating during those long trips. To get back to the normal EVIC operation, press the COMPASS switch again. (Someone else pointed out that if you switch it to any "EVIC display" (instead of the compass / outside temp), THEN push both buttons, it won't change your audio system (I.E. change it from CD to radio, etc.). Try it! {joescat})
  • The factory oil filters have been installed by a 900 lb. gorilla with a 30" wrench! They are VERY difficult to remove. You might want to consider having the first oil change done by the dealer, even if you do it yourself every other time! And if you have the Hemi, INSIST on 5W20 oil.
  • Like driving with your headlights on in the daytime for safety? Instead, think thought about having your Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) enabled! That's what I did, and it's a great feature, IMO. It runs your high-beams (the inner headlamps) at 30% duty cycle whenever the headlights are "off". The best thing? Your dash and panel lights stay in bright "daytime" mode! It takes a trip to the dealer to do, but it's worth it!

    Instructions to enable DRLs are here.
Contributed by others:
  • If you find a hottie girl wearing a bikini made of sea shell's (sic), and you hold her to your ear, you can hear her scream. (mmaloy)
  • Inside the fuel-filler door is a little "hook" to hang the fuel cap on so it doesn't hang down and scratch that nice paint job you have. (Crazy_luck)
  • Go to the following link to find out how to adjust the rubber stops for the trunk lid to help prevent it from scratching your bumper:
    http://www.chargerforums.com/forums/...ead.php?t=4037 (mmaloy)
  • Go to the following link to find out how to get FREE auto on/off headlights IF you have the dual-zone climate control option in your car. (Dual-zone controls are standard on Daytonas and SRT-8s, and is included with the Road and Track Package).
    http://www.chargerforums.com/forums/...ead.php?t=3428 (a14umbra)
  • There's a way to disable the seat belt reminder chime:
1. With the ignition switch in any position except On or Start, buckle the driver side front seat belt.
2. Turn the ignition switch to the On position and wait for the seatbelt indicator reminder function to conclude (about six seconds).
3. Unbuckle and buckle the driver side front seat belt three or more times, ending with the belt buckled.
4. Turn the ignition switch to any position except On or Start to toggle the belt-minder feature from its current setting (from active to inactive, or from inactive to active). A single chime tone will provide an audible confirmation that the programming sequence has been successfully completed.
(This does NOT disable the INITIAL chime, only the nagging repeats every few seconds.)
  • Tired and ashamed of having to use the prop-rod to keep your hood open? You can buy Mopar hood struts to do the job for about $60! see:
    http://www.chargerforums.com/forums/...ht=hood+struts (camero)
  • Another good use of that slot under the center console cover is a 2" paintbrush or Swiffer duster to help keep the interior tidy and to brush (nCHARGE, a14umbra)
  • If you open the cover of the center console you'll see two little notches out of the top edge of the console, both on the passenger side, one towards the front and another rearward. You can plug electronic devices into the power outlet inside the console, sneak the cords out the passenger side notches and tuck the cord in between the passenger seat and console. Front seat occupants can put their devices in the tray next to the shifter. The rearward notch is handy for backseat denizens, too. Now you can keep the console cover closed without pinching power cords and keep a clean look in the cabin. (PACharger)
  • If you detach the sun visor from the clip holding it to the headliner, you can not only swivel it down or around to your side window, it ALSO slides out along the shaft attaching it to the roof, giving even greater placement flexibility. (CHERRY)
  • When ESP ("HAL") activates, it will turn OFF (not deactivate) your cruise control. You'll also lose your previous SET speed. (Ice)
  • To make the cigarette lighter connector be "hot" even with the car off go to the Fuse Box in your trunk and open it. (It's located in the spare tire well.) When you open the fuse box, look on the inside of the lid and you will see a numbered layout of the fuses. Look for Fuse #18 wih the letters "IGN" (Ignition) printed on the plastic right below it. It will be a bright yellow 20-amp fuse that is offset from the other 4 or 5 in it's row. Unplug it, and plug it into the the first two holes so that it is in line with the rest of the fuses in that little row (undo its offset). Now your cigarette lighter in the ashtray will be powered at all times. The best part about this fuse, is that when you place it in the "Always On" block, it frees up an accessory connection that you can use for a "Remote Wire" connection for something like an amplifier since there isn't one comming off of the head unit on our stock radios. (nCHARGE, magnuman)
  • A cluster diagnostic can sometimes reset your dash gauges if they're not working properly: Press and hold the trip meter reset then turn the key to "ON"; the gauges will step through the whole range. If your gauge is acting funny, this is an easy way to see if it's the sender or the gauge.
  • Have you noticed that the front passenger seat doesn't go as far back as the driver's seat? It turns out there are black plastic clips on the adjuster rails that block the seat's movement as far back as the driver's side. They pop right off, allowing the seat to travel back farther. Move the passenger side seat all the way forward.
    Go in the back, and find the loooong screws / rails that the seat traverses on (they look like long, silver screws). At the back of each screw is a black plastic clip (it's loose, and can be moved around). Mine had a little blue paint on them. Just use a small blade screwdriver to pop them off. You get about three inches more of travel, now equal to the driver's seat! (joescat)
  • If you have NAV AND the rear seat video, you can get an RCA-to-1/8"-stereo adapter cable (less than $5 at Radio Shack) and plug the RCA end into the rear seat video's right and left input jacks, and the 1/8" stereo end into your MP3 player's headphone jack. Then switch the NAV audio to VES and you should have audio from your IPod/MP3 player (or anything that has a 1/8" headphone jack). Also reguarding the rear seat video did you know:
    • You can switch between all the inputs that are available on your radio (am/fm/sat/cd) and listen to something different (through the wireless headphones) than what the car radio is set to? The screen displayed on the rear video is identical to the screen displayed on the radio with NAV.
    • The wireless headphones only work in the back seat. (I was trying to test them out from the front seat and no sound at all - I happened to get something out of the back while they were on and they worked great - how do they do that? {They're Infrared-coupled, and need line-of-sight! -Ed.}
    Just a couple of interesting things that increases the value of the rear seat video (and for over $1,000 we need something).....(GoManGo_1269)
  • Does your car seem too sluggish? Pull fuses #11 #14 and #16!
    Get in your car...Turn the ignition to "ON"; then turn it and hold it at "START" (it will not start). Wait 5-10 seconds until you hear the chime (mine beeped 3 times). Turn the ignition back to "ON"; turn the ignition back to "START" until you hear the chimes a second time. Put the fuses back in place (DO NOT mix them up) Start your car... The Computer is now reset: go "BURN RUBBER" (Tapout)
  • All of our Chargers have a small Trinket Tray in front of the shifter area, but below where the ashtray is. Did you know that the tray liner is removable for cleaning? (CHERRY) And the tray liner of the little cubbie next to shifter is removable, too. (Joescat)
  • If you don't have the NAV radio, you have a little cubbie just above the ashtray; its liner is removable for cleaning, too. (Crazy_luck)
  • Dodge has a trunk liner available. I bought one as soon as I was going to receive the car. I use it every single day. It fits the trunk perfectly, has divided sections at each end, a non-slip surface, and it's completely watertight. I've never vacuumed my trunk - I just pull the liner out, and wash it with the rest of the outside. (Joescat)
  • I didn't want to spend the money on the trunk liner, so I bought a Tupperware-type plastic bin from the Dollar Store for 5 bucks (with lid). I attached velcro strips to the bottom so it holds onto the carpet in the trunk. I keep all of my cleaning supplies and other little items in it so they're not rolling around in the trunk.....and its removable. (tridom)
  • When using cruise control and going down a steep hill, the transmission will downshift to try to keep you close to your set speed. (ManGo)
  • Opening a Locked/Secured vehicle with the key fob:
    • Unlock Icon - 1st click unlocks/disarms Drivers door (Only)
    • Unlock Icon - 2nd click unlocks Passenger door.
    • Unlock Icon - 3rd click unlocks (All) Doors (including rears).
    You can also change this behavior using EVIC Personal Preferences, or with a procedure outlined in the manual in a non-EVIC-equipped car. (Hawk, et al.)
  • To activate the factory immobilization system and alarm (if equipped) on your charger, you must do either one of the following:
    1. Press a power door lock switch while the drivers or passengers door is open.
    2. Press the Lock button on the keyless entry transmitter (key fob).
    (N.B.: ALL Chargers have the immobilization system (SKIS); only R/Ts with the Electronics Convenience Group have an alarm.) (GoManGo_1269)
  • You can "pre-order" an upshift using autostick even if you are below the minimum speed necessary for that gear, as long as you hit that minimum speed within a few seconds (so far, looks like 2 seconds or so). In other words, you can start in [1] and bang right on the stick twice... [2] will come almost immediately and if you're accelerating quickly enough, [3] will come once you've hit the minimum speed allowed for manual selection of third gear. Also works for every other gear (except [2] which seems to happen right away, since technically you are allowed to select second gear from a complete stop). In other words, you could be accelerating gradually in [4] and ask for fifth gear and if within 2 seconds or so you hit the minimum speed for manual 5th, it will grab [5] automatically. If you're accelerating too slowly, the upshift request may time out and you'll stay in the current gear, but nothing stops you from periodically "asking" for the upshift as you accelerate slowly until you finally cross that threshold before a time out. (TripleTransAm)
  • If you have the NAV unit, the FASTEST way to enter a destination (if it is a POI) is to enter the phone number! I never thought of it because you need to scroll down to get to where it allows you to enter the phone number (it is out of sight). But the numeric keypad entry is faster to use than the full alpha keypad, you don't need to mess with list names (POI names or street names). And there are no collisions on the entry (exactly one destination comes up). It also enters the dashes automatically. (birddog)
  • I think Nate's (RTJunkie) blinker mod is a must-do for all, how else can someone in the lane next to you know that you're about to turn into them?
    (krcossin, RTjunkie)
  • If you have EVIC, holding down the Compass button for several seconds will place EVIC into a diagnostic mode for the compass which also allows you to reset its calibration. (TripleTransAm)
  • If you leave the key in the "ON" position while fueling, you can not only watch the gas gauge rise, if you leave the EVIC in "Miles to Empty" mode, you can watch the numbers change as the tank fills. (NastyLittleDoggy a.k.a GLHS837)
  • If your turn signal is flashing at a faster rate for one side or the other, check the flasher light bulbs on that side; one of your bulbs has failed. (DA X 6)
  • You cannot open the trunk with either the button on the dash or with the key fob button until the transmission is in PARK. (daytona torRed)
  • Be on the look-out for these fairly common issues:
    1) Transmisson leaks. Bad O-ring around the Transmission Control Module's harness connector
    2) Rear bumper rubbing against trunk lid
    3) Sun roof rattles
    4) Bad paint (dirt in the paint)
    5) Window-control button assembly sinks into the drivers door armrest
    6) Brakes squeal
    7) '06 owners: parking brake release breaks
    8) Cracks in the steering wheel bezel around the EVIC control buttons
    9) Check engine lights come on for no reason (DCX update fixes this)
    10) Headlight-lens fogging and cracking
  • After disconnecting the battery to reset the alarm (see my thread http://www.chargerforums.com/forums/...ad.php?t=30271 for the details), I noticed that I lost the AM presets, but NOT the FM presets. The CD player also lost its place; it started at Disc 1 Track 0.
    The second observation is the # of the battery for the keyfob: CR2032, $2.99 at Batteries Plus. The OEM battery was a Panasonic; I replaced it with a Maxell that had the same model #. (DA X 6)
    (These batteries are GENERIC and can be found most anywhere. -ed.)
  • Need to look something up in the owner's manual? DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE as a PDF!
    Choose your year and model. (phenwick)
  • A PDF version of the LX parts catalog can be downloaded here: http://www.2ndgendurango.com/extras/06lx.pdf (phenwick)
  • If you like driving with headlights on in the daytime, you need to know about the Parade Mode (Daytime Brightness Feature) of the dash and panel lights. Rotate the dash light dimmer control upward to the first detent to select it. This feature brightens all displays such as odometer, Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) and radio when the parking or headlights are on. (TravlnMan)
  • Get your alignment checked by the dealer within 12 months or 12,000 miles, especially on the SRT-8, due to the weight of the car and the size (and expense!) of the tires. REASON: The front end MAY need an engine cradle/subframe shift to properly align the front tires, effectively DOUBLING the cost of the alignment. ($195 at a dealership in the San Jose area). This also is good preventative maintenance. (Deuuuce)
  • If you're in cruise and hit either the Accelerate or Decelerate momentarily, your speed goes up or down exactly 1 MPH. (I watched this in the EVIC.)(B&G Banana)
  • If you don't have the EVIC option:
    To AUTO LOCK doors when car hits 15mph
    1)Close all doors and place the key in the ignition.
    2)Cycle the ignition lock switch between LOCK and ON and back to LOCK 4 times ending up in the LOCK position.
    3)Depress the power door lock switch to lock the doors.
    4)A single chime will indicate the completion of programming.
    To AUTO UNLOCK doors when placed in park
    1)Close all doors and place the key in the ignition.
    2)Cycle the ignition lock switch between LOCK and ON and back to LOCK 4 times ending up in the LOCK position.
    3)Depress the power door unlock switch to unlock the doors.
    4)A single chime will indicate the completion of programming.
    If you have EVIC, these can be changed in the Personal Settings area. (whiskey)
  • In an '07, if you have the EVIC in the "extended" mode (the one where the 0-60 timer lives), and you push the odometer reset button once, the EVIC will display your top speed recorded since you started the car. (kcobean)
  • When you leave your blinker on for a while and forget it while driving, the car will chime (in sync with the blinker) to tell you, "Turn the blinker off, stupid!" (ChargerFan2006)
  • If you hit the door-lock switch on the armrest, it will not lock the doors. You can unlock the doors but it will not let you lock the doors with the car running and the door open. Good safety feature so you do not lock yourself out. I have accidentally hit the lock instead of the unlock in the past on other vehicles and locked myself out while the car is running. (Bones1274)
  • I didn't realize until a while ago (months, never thought to mention it until now), that the cargo net in the trunk is "cup" shaped? I must have had mine in upside down for a while, so didn't realize one end is open, so you can put things IN the net, that it doesn't just separate the trunk. (Make sure the shorter side of the "Vee" is toward the back of the car, too! -ed.) (Joescat)
  • To (nearly) completly disable the ESP in a Charger SRT8, press and hold the ESP button while in park for about 5 or 6 seconds. The ESP beeps and shows bypassed. It's now disabled (nearly) completely until you turn off the engine. Enjoy! (DARTVDR)
  • SOME Chargers will more-fully disable their ESP/Traction Control if, while moving at more than 15 MPH, you turn the key to START and hold it for a few seconds until the system chimes. (Don't worry: the starter WON'T engage!) This doesn't work on all Chargers, though! (HemiChemi)
  • With U-Connect, I just noticed yesterday (because I have fat fingers): When there is an incoming call, if, instead of touching the U-connect button to answer, you touch the other (it is called the "Talk now" button), U-connect shuts down for that call and you can take it on the phone conventionally. Nice feature for privacy. You can also hit the button to short circuit the voice prompts. In other words, when it is reading off the options, and you already know what you the next command you want to give is, press the button so that you don't have to wait. (birddog)
  • The handle on the inside of the right side of the trunk lid has already been mentioned, but there is also a recessed area on the driver's side of the trunk lid; however, they didn't put a smooth plastic insert in it for us to use as a handle. Seems to me that they should have...so what I did is got some 1/4" black rubber tubing, took a razor blade and sliced it half way through lengthwise so that I could press it over the metal edge, and glued it in place. So now, if you want to grab the trunk on the driver's side, you won't cut yourself or feel an unfriendly piece of metal. Cost about 50¢ and took about 2 minutes to do it! (riannapo)
  • I found that, if you are going through your preprogrammed radio stations from your steering wheel controls, you don't have to keep pushing the preprogrammed selection button to get back to the first station you programmed. If you simply push the button whose function is to search the radio stations and then simply go back and push the preprogrammed selections button again that it will reset the radio to the first station on your preprogrammed list. (wickednastyfast)
  • If you use the slim CD cases instead of the regular sized ones - you can fit twice as many CD's in various places, like in the cubby below the radio (w/o NAV).

    However, it's slippery and not angled sharply enough, so a full throttle acceleration will easily make the cases slide out. I just tucked a small calculator in place of one CD case. The rubber buttons hold everything in place securely, and I also have a calculator handy to use for calculating mileage, etc. (joescat)
  • If you have a newer Charger with EVIC, you may have a built-in top speed recording! I stumbled on this by accident while just changing to the B trip odometer while in Diag mode on the digital speedo.

    Just push the dash button (by the fuel gauge) to cycle through the trip odometers and the Top Speed displays with the B odometer. It resets with the > arrow key. I have V5.34 software 6/28/06. I have confirmed it does not work on an early 2006 300C. (antolod)
  • At least on the 2008's with the factory installed remote start feature:
    If your check engine light comes on, your remote start will work but will only run for about 10 seconds. Then it won't let you restart. (MetalliCHAD)
  • if you have any of the doors open, with the car running or not, the dome lights will come on and stay on. That is not good if you are at the Drag Strip waiting in the Staging Lanes and it is hot outside and you are NOT allowed to have your a/c running. If you roll the dome light intensity adjustment switch (the thumb-wheel next to the headlight knob) all the way down, it turns off the dome lights and you can have your door open to keep cool and not kill the battery. (Cherry)
  • Turn DRL off (Canada) - New to the site, can't believe this hasn't already been mentioned...Slowly, apply pressure to the ebrake until it registers as on(chime and indicator on dash). Headights go out, and as far as I can tell, brakes are not on until you have depressed a lot more. ASAP Delivery

    So now let's hear YOUR tips and tricks.

Inferno R/T+R&T, EVIC; 6-disk CD; Sirius; UConnect; Protect Gp; front and rear spoilers, Daytona grille and insert, R/T emblem and hidden trailer hitch.

There are 10 possibilities:
you either understand binary, or you don't.

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Re: Did you know that...

If you find a hottie girl wearing a bikini made of sea shell's, and you hold her to your ear, you can hear her scream.

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Re: Did you know that...

Originally Posted by mmaloy
If you find a hottie girl wearing a bikini made of sea shell's, and you hold her to your ear, you can hear her scream.
Leaving room holding crotch to keep from peeing pants....

btw......("One ping, and one ping ONLY, Vasily!").....Hunt for Red October??

Charger SRT-8 (Black Opt I,II, Sunroof)

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Re: Did you know that...

You've pointed out all the neat little things I've noticed so far (except for the trunk indent...good one...didn't notice that). The only thing I'd add is how easy the trunk latches...almost effortless. It requires much less force to latch than any other car I've had....I wonder if some of the trunk scratching issues can be attributed to closing the lid a little too hard?
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Re: Did you know that...

Originally Posted by DodgeMan
Leaving room holding crotch to keep from peeing pants....

btw......("One ping, and one ping ONLY, Vasily!").....Hunt for Red October??
Yep, das dee one! Love that movie, have on DVD.

Sorry HC, I shouldn't have posted on this thread. My apologies!!
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Re: Did you know that...

How about the hook on the fuel door to hang the gas cap so it doesn't rub on the paint while refueling? (useless on my car since I have an aftermarket locking gas cap, but still worth mentioning)
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Re: Did you know that...

Don't forget to turn the rubber stops around on the body where the trunk lid closes to help prevent the lid from scratching the paint.
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Re: Did you know that...

Don't forget the auto-headlight mod and the memory seat mod.

Okay, I was kidding about the memory seat mod.

"There’s nothing in the rules of building a fuel efficient engine that says it has to suck.”
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Re: Did you know that...

seatbelt chime mod
...and hey...here's one....using the (i think) rnd button on the 6disc player stereo using either am/fm/sirius will categorize your stations by genre

LOVE IT!!! when i get into a new area...i hit that button, and then scan...(again ...i htink)...and it gives my the 60's 70's 80's Sports Talk, etc....choices.

I also didnt know when i bought the car that it was a flyby wire throttle.

The little things.

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Re: Did you know that...

Originally Posted by HemiChemi
[*]Inside of the center console lid are places that can hold one of those "travel" packs of Kleenex, Maybe you can think up other uses, too...
Meguiars interior brush fits nicely AND: is rattle-free.
Besides NO snivelers allowed in da' Charg-ah!

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