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Originally Posted by Part Deux View Post

At 18 years old, you have yet to develop driving skills to be safely driving at 152 mph.
Guy, you make yourself sound like an ignorant A-hole with comments like this. Google the name BRAD COLEMAN!! He is the youngest driver in Nascar and is 18 years old. Nascar and many other professional racing organizations are realizing that many of todays youths have developed exceptional hand eye coordination above and beyond any other generation, mainly due to video games like gran tursimo, which are very accurate racing simulators that teach the mechanics of racing. While this is still no excuse to break the law by excessivley speeding and street racing, it still doesnt mean that someone older is any more capable of handling these speeds than an 18 year old.
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Originally Posted by Kenny Pollock View Post
And I'm not here to break them! You are totally reading my posts the wrong way I am writing them. I am seriously proposing questions, looking for answers. I wasn't DEFENDING illegal street racing, I was asking for a SOLUTION to STOP illegal street racing. Instead of imposing fines and fees, why not open more race tracks or close down a highway?

You are so stuck on winning this "argument" that you are making retarded statements to defend your words. I said teens are the majority of the street racers, to provide a backbone to the statement I made right after: THERE IS NO PLACE FOR TEENS TO LEGALLY RACE. What don't you get? What did I say that you don't understand?

You want to stop illegal street racing? Stop the illegal street racers. Who, happen to be mostly teens. How can you do that? You give them an alternative.

Personally, I don't go out to Moroso because it's an hour a half away, and my parents aren't race enthusiasts. My mom isn't going to drive an hour and a half away to sign some form. Next post you're gonna be telling me how I'm justifying illegal racing because my mom won't go sign a form. THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M SAYING. I am giving my reason for not hitting up Moroso.

Increasing the penalties increases the danger. If a criminal has nothing to lose, he is going to run. If you knew you broke the law, and you see cops behind you, and you know once you pull over, you're going to be arrested, your equipment impounded and fined outrageous fees... it makes more sense to run. You have nothing to lose, either way. I'm NOT saying this is my logic, I am again, proposing my thoughts. I would NEVER run from the police.

Dude, I think I am the only person that understands where you are coming from, and I am 31. Because you said you are 18, that is all these guys see is 18. So it really doesn't matter what you say, you could quote Einstein, and you will still be 18. I see that you are posing "hypothetical" scenarios and I understand that. Also, I understand your point about a criminal having nothing to lose. "I got 3 strikes, maybe I'll run because I'll get life in prison for speeding" I understand.

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The problem I have with the law is that it duplicates the already present laws of reckless driving, and racing on the roadways and is just a way to tack on additional fines. This also is the type of thing that once its on the books it's easier to lower dramatically. In a few years when they see that the police rarely catch anyone who is going that fast (ie they are 50 over in a 55 zone-105 mph or more and Police choose not to do the required speed to catch them - over 105mph -- 120-130-140 to gain on the violator) they will lower the limit to 30 or 25 or whatever they choose. Then we are paying thousands of dollars and risking jail for a little fun romp on the pedal in a quiet area of town. When that happens if you push 90 in a 65mph open highway(we basically all have done it) then yuou risk the fine/points/jail.......

What legislators apparently fail to understand is that there is no way possible to outlaw everything that SOMEONE doesn't like without outlawing absolutely EVERYTHING. If someone is doing 50 miles per hour over the speed limit right now, aren't they already violating one or more laws? Is increasing the severity of the penalty really going to help much? The more serious the repercussions, the more likely it will be that compliance with submitting to arrest will no longer be considered as an option by the perpetrator.

Speed limits were imposed to keep drivers from endangering each other at those speeds. If you the only one on the road, it should be a different violation. It shouldn't just be 50mph over and BAM!!! $1000 fine!!!
I just don't agree with absolutes in law. Just like using turn signals. It's illegal to not signal your intent to turn a right or left. This is used to let other drivers know what your doing for safety. Correct? But should I get a ticket because I didn't use my turn signal when there is NOBODY ANYWHERE in sight to warn that I'm making a turn? I don't think so. But a cop sitting in a Parking lot eating a doughnut could probably give me a ticket for not signaling.
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There are NUMEROUS small towns here in Florida, that make their living by being intentional speed traps. One example of this would be, someone would go from a posted speed of 60 to a sign that said 30. And if you WEREN'T doing 30 when you pulled equal with that sign, it was an automatic ticket. Here is a situation where the government itself tries to entrap people, and intentionally confiscate their property already, i.e. money. Predictable result of revenue based speed limits and selctive enforcement.

There are often unintended consequences to laws passed.....and this is inevitably going to be one of them. The people passing these laws need to put a little more thought into what they pass. I think that a law like this is mostly for show...they want to convey that they are tough on this activity. It does show this, but they haven't really thought it through.

A little town in MO done that, they had 8 cops. They nailed a state legislator wrong thing to do. He got a law past that no town could get more than 1/3 of there income from tickets, that town nows has 1 police officer. In my opinion the cops are trying to replace lost tax revenue with speeding tickets. What a sad place to live when tickets are your primary source of income for the county & or city.

The public obviously is well served when police suppress reckless and dangerous drivers. Still, many of the nation's speed limits can be raised safely, in light of advancements in cars and improvements in road construction. And let's face it: Speed limits have been set low in many locales for no reason other than nabbing lots of drivers who pay fines and provide local government with extra revenue.
An extreme example of the latter is Linndale, Ohio, (population: 120) which benefited to the tune of $419,000 in traffic fines collected in 2003 for violations of a 50-mile-per- hour speed limit along its one-quarter mile section of Interstate 71, according to Eric Skrum of the National Motorists Association, a group in Waunakee, Wisconsin, that advocates on behalf of American motorists.

I could go on all day...........
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They make these to implicate safe driving. Whether or not there are other people around, it's a need to make a habit of traveling speed limits, signaling, whatever. You haven't killed someone else by speeding have you? You getting your jollies from speeding can one day ruin a family. Imagine a 17-18yr old kid, almost out of high school..parents spent all that time raising them..and along you come speeding and take everything away. How would you feel? Your speeding impacted the lives of another family, forever.

And do not say that speeding isn't the only killer on the roads or some crap, because that's not the point here..this thread is about speeding.

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i think its pretty safe to say, regardless of age..dont drive 50 mph over the speed limit here in Florida..
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Originally Posted by MuscleMan305 View Post
Guy, you make yourself sound like an ignorant A-hole with comments like this. Google the name BRAD COLEMAN!! He is the youngest driver in Nascar and is 18 years old. Nascar and many other professional racing organizations are realizing that many of todays youths have developed exceptional hand eye coordination above and beyond any other generation, mainly due to video games like gran tursimo, which are very accurate racing simulators that teach the mechanics of racing. While this is still no excuse to break the law by excessivley speeding and street racing, it still doesnt mean that someone older is any more capable of handling these speeds than an 18 year old.
Wow, pretty impressive statement! Michael Jordan was a genius college basketball player. Pretty much one of the best, if not the best player of all time. That doesn't mean any college basketball player achieved his skill level, nor does it mean that ANYBODY at his age can play basketball. There will always be those few rare superstars. I would also venture that Brad received an exceptional amount of training, because his skill level was recognized at an early age. Kenny can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd bet he has received NO formal training to drive at high speeds in a controlled and "safe" environment. Running on a public street is far from a safe environment.

Please explain to me how the superior hand to eye coordination helped the 17 driving the M5 in FL, or Hulk's son, or the kid in TX, or the kid in NY, all thinking they were invincible, and sometimes taking other's lives in their attempt to prove Darwin wrong. Video games can NEVER replace the feel of a car that suddenly splits a belt, or a road surface that changes ever so slightly. That comes from experience. Also can't account for stupidity, in the video game, you crash, push reset, in real life, hope to God the Dr's can reassemble the pieces.

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Originally Posted by 08 Stoned Charger View Post
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Originally Posted by Daytona606 View Post
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bad banana
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First of all, anyone who drives over any speed LIMIT is not real bright here in Florida as our average driver age is probably 70 and their reaction times to you coming up behind them is about 2 minutes. You have no idea what that person in the car in front of you is going to do when they see you coming at an excessive speed. Roads were designed to get you from one place to another as quickly as safely possible. As for going on a stretch of road where there is no traffic, that is what a friend of mine thought on a country road in New Jersey many years ago. As he came over a rise probably doing about 120 on his Interstate there was a cow in the road. They found him 280' from the impact. The only safe place to race is on a closed course track. The problem is making them make enough money to stay in business. The insurance alone is astronomical. I would love to run my car hard to see what it can do. But I get my enjoyment from other people seeing my car and wondering how fast I can go. The car rides like a baby carriage and I enjoy every minute of driving it and am not not going to risk my license or my life for a thrill. My '67 GTO would do 125 MPH stock. I've been there and realized how that 10 minute thrill could have affected the rest of my life. Not worth it. If you get the chance to run a track it is awesome. You don't have to worry about traffic or anything else in your way. I have run my wife's Solstice on New Smryna Speedway and run BMW motorcycles at Daytona. Awesome experiences without the unknown risks. Being a licensed driver not only entitles you to be on the roads but also to respect the rights of everyone else on the road. There are a lot of drivers that should not be driving, and they are not all older people. I would like to see driving tests every year for everyone. And anyone who runs the red light, makes right turns on no turn signs and anything else that is that so stupid that they endanger my life or my family to get to the next red light sooner, there is no penalty too harsh. Now if I can figure out how to get the middle lane morons and the left lane losers to ride in the right lane my day will be good.

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Originally Posted by bad banana View Post
Now if I can figure out how to get the middle lane morons and the left lane losers to ride in the right lane my day will be good.
Thank you!!

and I re-read the law and I totally agree, there is no reason to go that fast in any circumstance...I speed, but 50 over....that is just crazy...
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This is actually old news.

The law down here is beginning to run along the lines of the Sylvester Stallone movie, Judge Dread.

It is up to the Police Officer to basically decide your fate. And without spending thousands of dollars to prove your innocence, you're automatically guilty.

It's been going in this direction for a long long time.

America is one of the LEAST free countries on the planet.

At one time, it used to be known as the land of the free. But, once President Lincoln was elected to office and the South was conquered by the Northern States, things began to change and they've been changing ever since that time.

Most people associate the Confederate War with slavery. Those are the people who really don't know what the Confederate War was about. Sure, slavery was a very small part of a much larger equation.

The bulk of it started when Lincoln began creating more new laws at a faster rate then has ever been seen. Faster then any new laws created when America was under the control of Great Brittan. It was then that the Southern States wanted no part of this craziness and is why the Southern States still are considered less lawful then Northern States.

But now the Southern States, especially Florida, are populated mainly by relocated Northerners. These Southern States are now catching up to the Northern States in the number of laws it has coupled by the tolerance level decrease in going light on individuals that don't abide by these laws.

There is nothing we can do except move to another country.

Or, just like I do, the proper way to solve any problem................drink heavily

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