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: SRT8 versus XKR Convertible

04-18-2007, 10:27 PM
I was minding my own business on the way to work doing about 70mph when I came up on a ~2003 Jaguar XKR convertible. He was in the left (#1) lane doing about 65. It was a distinguished older gentleman driving the car who kind of looked Omar Shariff. I said to myself, "Self, there is no way Omar Shariff wants to race."

So I mosey on down the highway and who should go blowing past me? Lawrence of Arabia!!! There is a car in my lane so I switch to lane #3 and unleash Mad Max on him. I pulled in front of him at about 85-90. 3rd gear is in full cry and I know at this point I have him. From there to about 130 I open up about 2 1/2 car lengths on him when we start to come up to traffic so I shut it down.

He pulls up to my bumper and is enraged. He is furious. There is nowhere to go so I just chill and crank the tunes. Well Doctor Zhivago isn't having any of it so he goes around ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER and attempts to pass some cars. He is cut off by a bridge embankment and has to hit brakes and slow down to get back in the right lane.

After a while he pulls alongside me but refuses to look at me and turns off.

At that point I realized the wet blankets on the board are right - no sense racing at those speeds on public roads. I use to only worry about myself. I know I am not going to do something stupid.


The problem is if the guy you are racing is a fool and hurts someone you are equally liable.

I think my high speed days are over unless it is out in the desert somewhere.

04-18-2007, 11:59 PM
The Supercharged 390 horsepower Jag leaves a lot to be desired. My friend has a 04 XJR me, it is more like 220 horses. You will have no problem with them at al.