: Fun with an Altima SE-R

06-23-2006, 09:55 AM
I typically take jump on the four lane highway to get to work even though I am only about 5 miles from the office and the highway actually adds a couple of minutes to my commute (my HEMI tells me to take this route to work). So, today, I am about to get on the highway when I see a gray Altima SE-R behind me, not acting aggressive, just driving behind me. I typically try to time my entrance to the highway so I can be first at the stoplight which I can see about a 1/4 mile from where I get on--there are three stoplights before I have to exit to get to work--again because my HEMI tells me to do this. I see the Altima is getting on the highway in the same direction I am going. I turn on to the highway, and I am taking it easy waiting for the light to turn red, again the Altima stays behind me not aggressive or anything. Yes! The light turns red and I am first at the light. Again, the Altima is behind me, partially due to traffic in the next lane.

I decide to accelerate a little harder than necessary, as I usually do anyway, because my HEMI likes to give a roar in the morning. Damn Altima doesn't bite. Keep in mind, I do not race, on the highway, I like to accelerate a little more than necessary to the speed limit (occasionally more than the speed limit--not my fault). As I come up to the next light (yes, first in line at the light again) this Acura 3.2 TL jumps in front of the Altima (and begins riding my azz) who was behind me, but the Altima quickly jumps into the next lane which is also open. My heart starts beating faster as I anticipate the green light. I look over at the driver in the Altima--he's on his cellphone, or at least pretending to be. GREEN LIGHT, he nails it, I nail it and the moron in the Acura nails it. The front of the Altima's front tire maybe gets to the front of my bumper when my HEMI's second gear kicks in. At that point its OVER--I am going by the Altima and pulling away quickly. When I let off the gas around 80 mph, the Altima is about 1.5-2 car lengths behind--he shut down just before I did. The moron in the Acura, is way behind at this point. As we come up to the next light, no fly by, the Altima gets behind me (he concedes defeat).

At the next light, no luck, there are cars at the light in both lanes. I'm in the right lane because I have to exit soon. The right lane starts out slower so the Altima goes by me (confirmed its an SE-R) then the moron in the Acura blows by. My heart is still beating quickly as I take my exit for the rest of my leasurely drive to work.


R/T Stunna
06-23-2006, 10:10 AM
Yeah, The RT will do that to ya. ;)

Good Story RT.....Unlike our soccer team, America strikes again!

06-23-2006, 10:16 AM
Sounds like you got your day off to a goood start. Where is Colo are you ? I use to live in Colorado Springs but left in 1977. Haven't been back since.